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Monday, October 15, 2007

JapaMala Resort's Tiger Team!

Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) is featuring my 'Long Live The Tiger' campaign at JapaMala in their newsletter. I think all my staff look so COOOL in their tiger tee and cargos:)
Everyone in MNS, thanks for publishing this!! We're all so extremely proud to be here YAY!!

“Help Me Malaysians!” roared the Malayan Tiger
Writer : Suzalinur Manja Bidin (Man)

TIGERS ARE IN DIRE NEED of our support. Hailed as one of the flagships species here in Malaysia, the Malayan Tiger is one of the 6 remaining subspecies left in the wild. However, tigers are hunted everywhere for their body parts and everyday moving a step closer towards extinction.

Loyal tiger conservation supporter Maple Loo who's also Director of Marketing Communications of Samadhi is doing her bit to make people more aware of the plight of tigers. She says,
“I wanted to ensure all people around me – friends, partners, staff and customers alike – realize species depletion and animals suffering is a sad plight and that there's an urgency to stop tiger exploitation, in this case, putting an end to such inhumane and illegal trade which is triggered by consumer demand”.
Maple dedicates every Monday at JapaMala Resort, Tioman as TIger-Tee Day where her staff's MYCAT t-shirt uniforms have generated alot of publicity for the campaign. According to the Buddhist Calendar, those born on Mondays are born on the day of the tiger.
“While I believe compassion is a good virtue, action is a bigger need."
"The Malaysian people are definitely more exposed to the issue today but being aware alone isn't good enough. People need to respond and take action."
Maple plans to implement this successful Tiger-Tee Day idea to all her restaurant's in Kuala Lumpur as well. Her support indeed goes a long way, not only towards generating the public awareness to help save the Malayan Tiger. Maple presents a perfect example of how each of us can be unique in support of tiger conservation. Everyone has a role to play. What is yours?

our wonderful Myanmarese staff at JapaMala

The official launch of Tiger day 'Race Against Time' will be held at Zoo Negara on December 16, starting at 10am. Launch gambit includes a dance performance by me, and songs from Ning & Vince.

See you there!
Lot's of action so please come you people!

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