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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malaysia's Premiere Pole Dance School

In the last couple of years, pole dancing really has become a new craze in exercise. From clubs to classroom, now what an incredibly fun way to stay trim, taut and terrific!

Lesson 1 - where to buy a new 'me'
Bobbi's Pole Studio is a world-renowned and highly-reputed pole school in Australia. Now it has finally hit Malaysia! Our studio is in KL, located off Jalan Ampang, right behind Ampwalk Mall/beside Sucasa Hotel in a corner bungalow. So yeah, you enjoy FREE private parking!

Our space is extremely private, providing a comfortable and elegant environment for students to express themselves in, discover themselves in....which comes too, with all the fun they deserve :D Aha... it's worthy to note too, that we're the ONLY studio in Malaysia equipped with spinning brass poles. Now why is that special....?

LESSON 2 - what's between your legs
Brass is a bright yellow metal made from copper and zinc. It's the zinc that occasionally leaves the greenish-grey discoloring on your hands, as a result of oxidation. Brass poles are stickier hence offer far better grip in pole dancing. Because in our manufacturing process, the brass poles which are naturally 'rougher' than other highly polished metalic materials (such as chrome, titanium and stainless steel), are 'smoothed' to a specific degree to enable more comfortable handling for the pole dancer. Even for the most tender areas of our body especially the skin on the inner thighs, the pole dancer achieves far better grip, more controlled sliding and without a doubt can perform with alot more ease!

What this really means is, I guess the best way to explain this is, brass is the 'smoothest' material that can maintain the highest level of 'roughness'.

LESSON 3 - why walk when you can fly
Our syllabus and techniques will help anyone develop super core strength and a lean body - the dream body. Spinning pole techniques ARE different from those used on static poles because there's this thing I call 'aerodynamic drag' that the human body will experience during swifty transitions of moves on the spinning pole which requires lots of core strength and muscular expenditure in order to manage the body weight. I personally found it to be true that static pole training builds more bulky muscles. Spinning pole promotes far better grace too, in execution. Our execution style and techniques are typically BOBBI'S designed by Bobbi which in essence means anyone can be trained to dance like a professional showgirl:)

LESSON 4 - thy will be done
At Bobbi's Pole Studio, we're like your therapy... or even your aesthetic clinic. We 'build' women from inside out, outside in...stronger and sexier women, bolder and more beautiful beings. And I personally swear by this : "One is not born a woman, one becomes one." I believe sometimes, one needs a catalyst to unleash that 'venus' that exists deep within, which you may or may not know you have..... I'd like to believe your catalyst could be us:)

The studio is not fully decked out yet because alot of my furniture and accessories are still being shipped in. But when it is eventually, it IS a dream. My dream. My sanctuary. My new depicted on the wall at the studio's Tea Salon. Oooohhoooooooo..... still gives me the shivers everytime I think about how cosmic this whole Bobbi thing happened in the first place...

LESSON 5 - who takes the love
So if you're as passionate about dance as I am, then Bobbi's Pole Studio IS the place for you. Our instructors AND students are equally passionate people, always friendly, ever-ready to assist and are all living their dream - that is, making dance a part of their life's journey. You will too, perhaps...?


Riena said...

Hi Maple.

BIG CONGRATS on the opening of Bobbi.

I wish to bring your attention to the recent fiasco at the A'Famosa Resort in Malacca where it was claimed the tiger handler had somehow done something nasty to our stripey friend. You can read it here

I've been your blog reader for quite some time now and I know you could be the go-to-person and for the fact that you have experience with tigers as well as an animal lover; perhaps you could offer some advice or pool a petition to ask A'Famosa Resort to stop treating or abusing or exploiting the tiger like they do. I did take a picture with a tiger (same concept, you've got to pay a certain amount of $$) at Danga Bay and I went home thinking where did the money go? I doubt that it went for the well-being of the tigers. They have about four in Danga including a baby lioness.
I'm not furious or acting out of thin air, I just want to find if there's anything we can do about this. And to have the General Manager giving stupid response like that would just add salt to our (animal lovers) wounds.
Please advise Maple, I know you can help. Thanks.


Maple Loo said...

Hello Sabrina,
Very sorry this took such a long time. But I'm aware of the A Famosa issue. It disgusts me. What saddens me even more is that we, people who care enough to do something about to change the situation, can only help so much....The authorities are the only ones who can really make a difference by making it a law that animals should not be used as props or trained to entertain humans. And that permits to open pet stores, zoos, animal 'sanctuaries' etc should NOT be given out so sparingly! I learnt from inside sources about the Tiger Temple in Thailand which I visited a while ago thinking that their efforts towards tiger conservation were pure.

But I was given the opportunity to see the investigation results by volunteers who went undercover that there is animal abuse and exploitation happening there too.

I praise your level of consciousness and compassion Sabrina. If only there're more people like you in this world....

Are you volunteering or involved with any animal work in Malaysia at all? Please get in touch with me! We should meet.

hope said...

hi maple
i am 20 year old African girl and i have an interest in your pole dancing classes.i want to know when they are on and at what time,how much they cost, you know the specifics.i am very much interested in pole dancing and i think its just really sexy!
also i have been checking out your pictures and you seem to have achieved so much, you are kind of a wonder woman in my eyes and i want to know,how do you do it?
hope to hear from you :)


vino said...

Hi Hope,

I am replying on behalf of Maple, its good to hear that you love pole.You could send us your e-mail address and phone number so we can contact you by e-mail or phone and could explain more about our classes. :)

mail us at: or ring us
at 03 2166 0479 for further information.

Thank you, Have a great day.

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