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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pole Dancing with Malaysian Women

Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia  has, in the last 2 years, taught over 250 students. Many, both local and foreign media have asked if pole dancing and lap dancing is something that would work in Malaysia and if women here are too conservative to do it.
I say ABSOLUTELY! Malaysian women are actually not as 'conservative' as what others may have perceived. There're many like me in this country, Malay Chinese or Indian women. In fact I find Malaysian women less judgmental, very open-minded and warm-hearted compared to women from other Asian countries.
Malaysian women are also more laid back. That said, don't expect them to pick up the phone right away to book a class!! I've had students who eventually signed up for class after keeping my magazine or newspaper article for over a year! But once they put their foot in through your door, they're game:)
My studio is like Bhutan. My tiny little space with a big fun bunch of excited and excitable women, over-the-top enthused to learn our craft AND ever-ready to exhibit their newly discovered not-so-tame-anymore selves, quite possibly has a happy index of  9.5 over 10!
The studio is tiny but it's constantly bustling... sounds of my students' laughter, busy chatters and their frantic frolic on poles and chairs.... they create such a great vibe in the studio. Their satisfaction with their own growth, their relationship with the environment and feeling safe, make the studio a place everyone of them look forward coming to. Isn't it just awesome. But gratification to the highest level for a teacher is her students' strong sense of belonging to her and her space. I consider that success in itself.
Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia breeds happy and healthy women. Only when one is WILLING to put aside all the taboos that surround pole dancing and striptease lap dancing will one see what a fantastic and sexy way of fitness in body and mind the craft really is for women of all ages.

 It's also digging deep into the self, believing and accepting our deep-rooted desire to want to be sexy and supple and sensuous. More so as we age. Flexibility has never been quite as important; stamina was never an issue; muscular and core strength were never really talked about as much as today. We want to be healthier.
 STRONG is the new skinny. STRONG IS SEXY.

 So many students of mine first came to class not able to touch their toes even. Some have never even exercised before! HATE exercise with a passion they said, but would love to learn how to dance, how to 'move correctly'.
 And after 2 months of classes, they're suddenly doing professional stripper moves! They're pole dancing in 7-inch killer heels! They're spinning on the pole and doing splits on the floor! They're even hanging upside down on the pole, using muscles they never knew they had! The few bruises they got, merely a small price to pay for feeling superhuman.
 Happiness is a choice, I always say. It rings true.... but putting that in practice is not so easy sometimes. All the women who have chosen me to be their teacher, our school to be their outlet and our craft as their practice, thank you with all my heart.... you came to the right place:)

To all my Bobbi's girls, know that you're courageous and brave. I'll make sure your nose-dive into pole dancing at Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia, whether whimsical or deliberate,  is one of those best choices you've ever made in your life!! Love you all.


Rachel Heng said...

Hi Maple, I couldn't believe that pole dancing could be this addictive! so glad I was brave enough to come over alone for my very first lesson, there is really no turning back once bitten by the pole addiction! thank u so much for bringing this wonderful craft here..I only wish I had found out about your place a lot earlier. it's true what you said, it's such a revelation that pole dancing helps u to discover your inner self too. what a bonus! for a person who never really liked exercise, pole is now my main & only fitness regime, motivated by u! thanks, teacher!!xx

Yein Sean Chew said...

Hi chief! Thx for giving us the opportunity of our lifes to pole n learn fr u. It's a never ending journey discovering ourself and reaching new heights with what we can do with our bodies. I'm so happy to have met so many like minded girls. Our group is so gung ho it really pushes me to work harder and train harder. Thank you for showing us the way Maple!

Rafleesia said...

Hi Maple, I would never have imagined myself as a pole dancer and must admit was very sceptical being dragged to my 1st class. But something happened and now I can't live without it! Thank you for sharing this wonderful craft with me and so many women out there and for nurturing such an amazing community of people who support each other on so many levels.

carolyn mei said...

Mapes, never thought pole could be so addictive!! So thankful to have colleagues recommending your studio. Am always looking forward to get off work to attend classes, not only is the studio welcoming, the girls also play a huge role in making pole so enjoyable. It is very inspiring to be around strong and confident women. Thank you so much for being an awesome teacher... Lots of love <3

Bee-Lee See said...

Hi Maple, you, and your studio, are like these shining stars in the middle of my week... whether it's Tuesday striptease-lapdance, or Thursday Madonna Give It To Me routines, or Friday prep-advanced pole class. We get to come to the studio, let our hair down, and play. That's absolutely gorgeous on so many levels, because we get to a whole new level of resourcefulness: in being sexy, in being confident, in being positive and playful, and abundantly creative with lots of other amazing women!!! Please keep folding in more and more Malaysian women!!! Xxx

Paprika said...

i can't believe its almost been a year since I started poling. What a journey of self discovery! People shouldn't judge until they come see and experience for themselves the art and intensity that goes into pole dancing. When I first started I used to get motion sickness on the pole but happy to say it has improved dramatically. Think its really helped with my vertigo. Pole dancing is liberating! Its about celebrating our sexuality. Owning it and embracing it! Love pole, thanks for being such an inspiration!

Stephanie said...

Hi Maple, You won't believe how glad I am to have taken that first step through your doors at the studio. Having done a mini-term SLAP, I attended that fateful graduation night in May'12. Seeing all the confident girls in the studio, strutting their stuff and working it on the poles, I considered taking up pole dancing. It was your solo performance that absolutely got me hooked. I signed up immediately afterwards.
But I had some difficulties to overcome. I've got motion sickness and for the first month, I was always so dizzy but with time I managed to get used to the spinnings and I dare say it's much better now. Never have I dreamed that I'll be walking around in 7 inches heels, let alone dance in them!! Never have I imagined touching my toes as I've been inflexible from young, the stretches and workouts in your Give It To Me class has made that possible for me. I can now touch my toes!! Also getting there when I'm standing with feet together!! All these in less than 6 months!! Thank you Maple, so much!! for making available the most conducive and fun environment for us to unleash the goddess in each and everyone of us!! And also thanks to all Bobbi's girls who are always so supportive and encouraging. To all future Bobbi's girls, come and play with us soon!! :)

Maple Loo said...

Seeing all your reaction to this post is gratification for a teacher at the highest level. Frankly, I never thought I'd ever be a teacher because patience is really NOT my virtue. But you girls brought out that nurturing part in me! You drive me too, move me and motivate me to be better as a teacher, a better dancer. You push me harder in my own learning to help you and give you what you deserve... through Bobbi's incredibly smart methods, my decades of dance experiences AND more. THANK YOU for being a part of this gorgeous family AND an even bigger thank you, thanks to you my life has never been better upside down :D xoxoxoxoxoxo

Lara Sophia said...

Pole dancing has changed my life and you being my teacher and my inspiration has forever made me look at life entirely in a different light. Thank you for allowing me to be part of our little family and am looking forward to growing up with Bobbis and pole dancing. You've done an amazing job in proving ANYONE can pole!! Strong IS sexy!! And youve been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for teaching me life IS better "upside down" ;)!!