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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ning & Omar Roughing it Out!

Before I left for Bangkok, Ning & Omar came to the zoo. I've been wanting to take her in as a volunteer since last year, but to our very busy schedules, we finally did it 2 weeks ago!
We went behind-the-scenes, have had time to visit only a few sections (because just one day isn't quite enough to cover so much work).
Did they have fun? Need I say more?

what a great way to learn about parenting!

now who's the superstar...

at the Reptile House with an albino burmese python...

...and Omar with a ball python - a little too close for comfort

'Great work, guys!' This pic is so gonna become a pin-up at the animal show section

Ning 'training' baby sea-lion Dombu

with head trainer Mahat

and of course, which 'star-maker' won't want a picture with a star!

Ning and Omar can now say they've 'lived' it all the way! Well, there'll be more visits for sure! We shall go visit the Bears and Tigers next time guys;)

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