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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia on NTV7's Women Zone

This is my first ever attempt teaching pole dancing in Cantonese :D And of course it has to be on national TV?! God was it hard work....Hahhahaa.....God especially the interview! Yah well.... things we do for passion despite the possible public humiliation? :P

So this program was designed for women. Once again I was honored when the producer approached me to do a feature of my then newly opened Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia, to promote women fitness, sensuality, self-confidence and overall wellness, all through the art of pole dancing. Yes, pole dancing in Malaysia indeed exists.... as a matter of fact, this day my studio is therapy for alot of women. My students have built a necessary feel-good network and the studio is therefore an important social house that they all share. I love it! The power of Venus at work....

Life-sized barbie girl Kim from Bobbi's Perth is in the show too! Dang.... Cantonese for Dummies didn't quite help with the express learning but watch her actions that speak louder than words. What a chance, that the shoot coincided with her short time of visit! The power of Venus at work;)

Thank you NTV7! You've definitely made women in Malaysia see pole dancing in a totally different light. I know so:)

Enjoy the show! And to those we know me, please don't laugh, buggers?

2 comments: said...

Maybe because I've been reading your blog, I feel like I know you already. I burst out laughing when you said "upside down" in the initial part of the interview! Hahaha. But seriously, your Canto is really not bad!!! Nice work.

Maple Loo said...

hahahahahah!!! Bugger! How else to explain 'upside-down' in Cantonese man...?