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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Art of Seduction

Or at least one of them.

In the master chamber, there was a large bed with decorative posts up to the ceiling. Made of redwood, the bed had been carved with peonies, eggplants, tomatoes, bananas and cherries - which suggested male & female sexual organs. The curtains were washed white and perfumed. The side walls had built-in shelves displaying miniature sculptures. Most were Buddhist gods in the middle of coupling. The actions were cleverly depicted, the poses elegant - females mounting males in positions of meditation. The lovers' eyes were either half open or closed.
It's all about arousing the mind.
Ancient Erotica : striptease during the Renaissance

Ever heard of a FAN DANCE? Not your ordinary fan dance as we know it.... It's a form of Burlesque yes, but EROTICA.....oh yeah. A skill a woman could acquire to 'drown the man beneath you in pleasure'.... I'm quite sure:)

A stack of money is place on the floor/bed, then a small round pillow over it and finally, a dozen eggs on a bamboo tray on top! The woman then squats over the eggs like a hen. Her goal is to turn the stack of money underneath into the shape of a fan, by rocking her bottom. The rule is, that the eggs cannot be broken. Apparently an exercise to gain power and control of your body plus "it adds sensitivity to your bottom lips." Extraordinary theory!

Shall we practise that in class girls?! Hahahha

The famous Matahari (1906) - exotic dancer & courtesan

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