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Saturday, February 27, 2010

PRESTIGE Magazine - February 2010

me : Chanel
him: his own

Certainly one of the best shoots I've ever done! Thanks to PRESTIGE MALAYSIA for this great opportunity and for making us the 'most prestigious' couple Rozita!!! Those 6 fashion pages are definitely memorable and we are truly and utterly flattered.... It was such fun :D
If you don't know already, this marks our very FIRST cover EVER :D

me : Gucci
him: Canali + Gucci

Thanks to Sarah Saw for her billiant art direction :) And for wrapping me up with all the beautiful dresses....(i still wish I could have kept them all hahahah... especially this long black Gucci number below)
me : Gucci
him : Canali + Gucci + LV

And Myth Studio photographer KahMun for his excellent camera work and great skills. Federico would like to spend a day with you so he can learn a thing or two from you :D

me : Chanel
him: Canali + LV

me : Versace

'IT TAKES TWO' was the theme of this shoot. It sure does.... more than two sometimes.

me : Ferragamo
him: Gucci

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