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Friday, May 9, 2008

Of All Things Sweet

Does this look like me or what!
This is a cake. Yes, a cake. Made by girlfriend Mama Min, which is a gift from another girlfriend, Angie (don't forget to catch Angie live on Capital FM at 88.9 on May 19!). Well if you must know, aiyah the famous sexy sultry voice that asks you to record your Maxis voice message la. That's THE Angie.

This is the first pole-dancing cake anyone has ever made for me. And of course, as bizarre as always, I had indeed wished it right before it arrived at my doorstep.
Well, that's not all....this cake tells a story one...

That's Federico & our daughter Mulan posing as drooling audience staring up upon the pole queen (me) on 'stage'. Hahahahahaha!

Gosh, how is one supposed to eat this??!

It's too beautiful to only be melted away by stomach acid...? It's a work of art for goodness sake.
Well, can't eat it so keep it - all 3 of us are still in the fridge as we speak. But I sure whallup the cake ok. Man, the butter sponge went down like a dream and so my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 2 days were totally taken care of. And I'm salivating again.

Mama Min, can you please please please make one with me hanging off the pole like this the next time?
I tell you, Mama Min can do it alright. She loves working with her hands and since she's so super at it, started her cake factory at home!
Now Min lives just across my house and I'm pretty sure we can work out a barter trade on cupcakes in exchange for some pole-dancing lessons perhaps? Like 5 cupcakes to a trick, one whole cake for a month-long 4 -lesson deal.... can't we, Mama :P ?

That night she brought me the pole-dancing cake from across the street (looks like something outta Desperate Housewives la...), we had met the very first time. Angie had introduced us. And guess what, she's the wife of veteran radio DJ and actor Patrick Teoh. Good neighbours are hard to find so I'm glad I got one who's sweet. Hmmm... icing-sweet... sugar-galore sweet...

And check out my order of more cupcakes last week! Mandi-mandi sponsored lunch and offered a day of pure fun in the sun for some under-privileged kids in celebration of Living Hope Malaysia's 1st anniversary.

So how could I deprive anyone of little sugary luxuries in life?
Especially when they look like this.

Min made 25 cupcakes, each with a different face of a child, in brilliant detail.
And she also baked a butter cake and dressed it up like this for me.

Many things are HTMHS (thank you Angie - Cantonese abbreviated hou tai mm hou sik, meaning good to look at but not good to eat) but you can say Mama Min's cakes are like a perfect date ok.
So make a date with Mama Min or if you're truly desperate,
call +6012-202 5550!

(sorry ah Uncle Patrick, your wife will be very busy you know...)


Angie said...

Mapes Babe...

Thanks very much for the shout-out and very public publicity.(blush)I'm even more scared now lah knowing that real ppl will REALLY be listening in. Yikes!! :P
Btw, it's 88.9 lah.
Also, hope Min doesn't misconstrue that I think her cakes are contraire...we know her cakes are more than 'Just Heavenly'...ahem.
Thanks also for the Acai Berry juice, yummmmy.
Big hugs,

N . A . J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maple Loo said...

First, in response to Angie's comment....
Ok changed to 88.9 already heheeh... sorry ah, blur a bit. No la my dear! Mama Min won't EVER think you had meant her cakes HTMHS la... why would she??! I had meant 'thanks Angie for converting me to using abbreviations' mah... not implying that her cakes HTMHS.

Maple Loo said...

And now, N.A.J.... sorry man, I got pix from Mama Min herself. Me, too excited about eating the cake I totally forgot to snap some shots myself:(

N . A . J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maple Loo said...

oh duh...! I thought you had meant the 'superdelicious pole cake pictures'!!! Hahahaha.... ah well, now my pole pix are already pretty high res la. Taken by pro photographer ok don't play play.

So you're a gangstarz follower too? Nah... this season the show has changed to a new line of jury, so I'm not in it at all. Not Vernon, not Arab either.

Yesterday was the 1st episode no? How did it look?

N . A . J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maple Loo said...

wow n.a.j.... (blush blush) i think this is by far the biggest flattery i got from anyone this year!
thanks ;)

J A V A R E K A . A d said...

hi maple,
just found your blog in mr.manager's blog. i wanna ask you about becoming volunteer for the zoo. looks fun though, i love animals and want to do some volunteering works. hope to hear from you.

p/s: just in case you want to hop in my blogs.


Maple Loo said...

Ciao Liyana!
I'm so glad you dropped in;) More so that you love animals!!! I love people who love animals.
Yup, volunteering is fun alright. You learn a helluva lot too. I never get to become a vet but i gained so much from firs-hand experiences at the zoo.
Well, tell you what, I'll pass your contact to the zoo and you can take it from there with them? Also, which section would you like to volunteer in? Me, Reptile Section and Show Section.
Write to me ok

ciao ciao!!

Min said...

Wow, thanks for the plug! Sorry, haven't had time to read blogs for some time *blush*