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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Butterflies

The Butterflies is the story of my metamorphosis... the journey of a great sisterhood bonded by one vertical obsession.

I feel like a butterfly... maybe even a flower. A chrysenthemum that blossoms open like a dancer's hand holding the warm sunlight in her palm. My fears had gone unnoticed like the bubbles coming off hidden treasure at the bottom of the ocean. I seized on them to feed my appetite for the coming adventure. And my anxiety of it. A beautiful anxiety nonetheless.

Butterflies flutter in my stomach but tickle my heart. The air promises imminent success. We are 3 to a wing and together, we've taken flight.


Peking Duck said...

Hi Maple, interesting blog... interesting life you have there too. Anyways this is off topic.. just wanted to tell you that i recently got on TripAdvisor and wanted to make a surprise trip to Tioman (to propose to my gf) and Japamala came out number one on the hotel list. Saw the pics on the website and other sites as well and my oh my, simply breathtaking is all i can say. But when i checked the rates.. needed triple breath-intake... lol.. way off my budget.. another time i guess.. anyways just wanted to drop a message telling you that you guys did a splended job with Japamala.

Maple Loo said...

Hello Peking Duck (heheh... cute),
thanks so much for dropping a line;)
JapaMala is our pride and joy. It's everything we ever dreamed of! We're also opening 2 more JapaMalas in Malaysia, by the end of 2009.
Having said that, I'd hate to see people who really appreciate the resort (like yourself) not have the chance to visit..Now when have you planned to propose? You know what, we're so fully-booked till Oct. anyway... so I'd advise you to come in Nov. Rates are halved plus we throw in packages and don't be misled by the term 'monsoon' ok... the climate pattern has changed so drastically, in the last 2 years, we had much more sunshine during monsoon than in season.
Definitely Nov coz the weather is just superb and the sea, needless to say, like emerald with great clarity.
Go check out the LOW SEASON RATES on our site again. I hope you come!

Peking Duck said...

Hi Maple!!! Thanks for the reply. Umm supposed to propose next month... i thought a 1 month booking in advance was good.. but you guys are booked till Oct!? Amazing!!!!! I guess my gf's gotta wait till Oct then... ahhahahaha! Ok ok.. not funny at all... she's waited way way too long already... i'll figure something else out then... arrghh.. Anyways Maple, keep up the good rep and standards at JapaMala Resort! Kudos to you and team!!

Suzie Wong said...

wow, lovely pics, and you have such an enriching life babe

Maple Loo said...

Hello Ming!!
Thanks for dropping a line:)
Well, congratulations on your new studio! It's looking fabulous.

Alicia Pound said...

Simply stylish and sexy pose. you are really stunning!Very interesting blog i might say. Oh by the way, I'm just a bloghopper sneaking around looking out for awesome blogs

Maple Loo said...

Hello there Alicia! Hey thanks for stopping by:) Glad you like my 'diary' heheheh... come back more often ok! I don't blog everyday but if i have interesting stories to share i become ferocious!