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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysia Tatler

Rowena & I are now officially supermodels man...hehehehe thanks to Estee Lauder!
Well, tha's because you'll see us in our poses in the coming June issue of Malaysia Tatler, which contains our testimonial on their newly launched Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Cream and Ultimate Lifting Serum.

The shoot was done at this datin's house.

Prior to this, Jean from Estee Lauder had been talking to me for months about this magnificent new skin care they were about to launch in Malaysia. She wanted me to be the face. She also wanted me to do this with a friend.... someone who fits the image. And definitely someone who's a new face. So nobody already in the limelight I guess... or at least someone who's not already overly famous.

Rowena immediately came to mind. She has porcelain skin, elegant and a 'Datin' some more... perfect!
Going off topic for a minute here, soon she and I will become a part of the turtle santuary in Tioman, a project we've been anticipating (gosh I hope time permits...). Tioman belongs to her husband and we have a resort in Tioman so we go hand in hand. We've also gone diving together with Tengku Mahkota Pahang too last year for the royal artificial reef project. If that's not enough, Rowena & I go to the same hair-dresser, share a common good girlfriend (Linda Jasmine) and we love yoga too, only we hardly ever have time to practise like before anymore!

These pictures were snapped by Kelle, her gorgeous daughter who has a keen interest in photography. And, who has a bedroom any teen girl would DIE for;)

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