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Monday, May 5, 2008

Madonna, My Ray of Light

'He took the lightness of the leaf & the grace of the fawn, the geity of the sun's rays & the tears of the mist, the inconsistancy of the wind & the timidity of the hare, the vanity of the peacock & the softness of the throat of the swallow. He added the harshness of the diamond, the sweet flavor of honey, the cruelty of the tiger, the warmth of the fire & the chill of snow. To this he added the cooing of the dove & the chatter of the jay. He melted all these things and formed a woman.' - KamaSutra
And her name is Madonna.

Like what Justin Timberlake said in her recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - there's only one Madonna.

True, there's really only one such Madonna. In her own words, she once said,

" I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art."

Yeah, she's one such life form that the minute she walks into a room, the entire molecular activity in the atmosphere changes. I don't think I've had a longer love affair with anyone else! It has been 23 years Madonna, wow. And I'm still so very much in love with you. Boyfriends come and go but Madonna, no.

It was that time when her public persona had begun to magnetize a new generation of teenage girls. And I was, of course one of those many girls who swore by knee-length tights & kohl. Gosh, I used to watch the 'Virgin Tour' & 'Blonde Ambition' everyday! Oh and 'Who's That Girl' over a hundred times too!

It's incredible how obsessed I was with her then. Today my connection to her is more cerebral. She became my battery charger and my security blanket. Although at times more like a divine intervention,
when I'm in need for energy, some magic, or just that spark from the light bulb, I watch her latest concerts and I watch her documentary. I listen to her speak...her voice a mellifluous melody; I dance to her words; I meditate to her music. And I come away a different person every time.

And she says TV is bad?

I even have all the five children's books she wrote and I don't even have kids (yet). I'm just a die-hard fan who's hung up on hard candy and like everything that's sticky and sweet too. What I have with her today is more of a spiritual relationship, if you will.

I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret...
And then, one defining moment. I met Normann aka Shay, one of her current back-up dancer (pic below : on the right whom Madonna's touching). Now if you had read The Book of Secrets, you'd remember what it said about the law of attraction in the universe. Meeting Normann sealed it.

I mean, of all the places in the world why did he end up in Malaysia? And of all the cities in the country, he came to the small dance studio in MY neighborhood!

I’m beginning to believe in yuan (in Chinese it means destiny) and that my yuan fen with Madonna is not a thwarted passion afterall. Look, she has come so close to being just a Normann away!
And I was even invited to her H&M show in London which Normann staged. Could this be plain luck?

I remember Madonna also said, "We have total and complete control over our destiny and we're kidding ourselves if we think we don't."
Think it hard and want it bad, things CAN happen.

We are a magnet attracting all things, via the signal we're emitting through our thoughts and feelings. - Secrets

Now how she gets ahead of everybody else, it's beyond reasoning. How did she know? Her ideas, the trends she sets, the things she does or even begin thinking of doing, always get people wondering why she does it. And then only months later (for some, even years later), people go "Oh ok, I get it..."

Everything she touches turns to gold.

In her 'I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret' documentary, Madonna said she never stops thinking for one minute. Her mind's constantly at work, always searching. It's her competitive edge, but it's also her insecurities that made it work for her. Some call her genius, I call her special. I've always thought she is special.... special like she's some sort of sign from God.

The Evolutionary
Maybe she had listened to Chopra... to "imagine yourself into a new form with a new location in space and time." She perpetually exfoliates her self-image by, probably imagining herself at various stages of life, past and future. Perhaps Madonna figured out her way to recast death is to reinvent herself again and again, as Chopra says, "When you see every earthly vestige of yourself vanish," he concludes, "you realize you will never succeed in extinguishing yourself."

Maybe that's how she has remained re-inventionable...immortal. Pretty much alive and kicking I must say, being worth 325 million (was it US dollars or Pounds again...?) today!!!

We all see a very different side of Madonna after Lourdes. Her first child is her alter ego....we see it in her songs in the Ray of Light album - which by far is still my favorite. My first thoughts were : she's not all that ice queen after all. And there came Rocco and then David.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...
Did you read today's Star newspaper? The natural world holds secrets to the development of new kinds of safer and more powerful painkillers but it may all be lost unless the world reverse the present alarming rate of biodiversity loss. Experts warn that we may lose many of the land and marine-based life forms of economic and medical interest before we know they exist. The extinction of certain species (from frogs, snails to sharks) and organisms valuable to medicine underscores what may be lost to human health, both current and future generations. Biodiversity loss is therefore not merely an environmental issue but one which effects all of us on a very basic, fundamental and personal level.

Well, thank you for making a song for mother earth Madonna. See, we have one more thing in common now. 4 MINUTES is definitely the theme song for my upcoming nationwide plastic campaign.

A collage of her hangs in my studio. She's the reason I became a dancer. And from her I seek strength whenever I attempt a near impossible trick while hanging upside down.

If Madonna can pole dance at 50, so can I. If she can have those infamous 'madge arms' that only men can have, I can too! And guess which song sets me in motion everytime I step into my studio? Erotica (Confessions Tour live version please...).

Madonna's turning 50 this August. Looks like that good coffee on Wednesday is doing you good.
Long Live Her Magdesty!

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Min said...

Wow, if Madonna can pole dance at 50, not too late for me to start at 40!! Hahahahaha!