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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Siti, The Queen of Hearts

That's the headline of today's prime news here in Singapore. I'm back and again, delighted to flip the pages of newspapers and see a famaliar face from home. Siti performed her 2nd solo concert titled 'Dairi Hati' at The Esplanade Theatre last night. Her last performance here was in 2005. Siti kicked off her show last night in a long, flowy electric-blue dress accessorized by a black tudung. As usual, she looked as calm as a moon in the pond.

I didn't realize Siti had already started wearing one until I spotted her at Ning's wedding recently. Even then, i thought it was merely a selendang she wore to fulfill the reception's kampung theme! Bodoh tau I... then later learnt it's a sartorial decision she made after haj. Ah well...I like her with hair better.

But all that mattered was her voice and persona still brought the house down. Siti left no doubt that she still reigns.

Although I didn't remember her first big break winning the singing contest in RTM back in '95, I couldn't forget the impression she left with me during one of the Muzik-Muzik shows in '97. Because that was the first time I had met the sweet-faced Siti and had shared the stage with her then and for many more years later.

She has always been this really gentle creature, soft-spoken and very polite, a well-mannered child who had never once walked pass anyone backstage without a smile and a 'hello'. I have great respect for superstars who are down-to-earth and respectful of others, and especially overwhelmed by her ways from the moment she addressed me as 'Kak Maple'.

Siti said philosophically in an interview here that, "Music can bring the people of the world together, and help people realize that unity is more important than ways of wars or conflict."

Clearly proving her meteoric rise and winning multiple awards the world over isn't important but being a distinguished role model is, I must say this sweet young thing is one of the very few Datuks whom I sincerely respect.

If I was asked to describe her, I'd simply say Siti is straight from the heart. A good person.

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sarahmarilyn said...

hey has anyone ever said that u look like syafinaz, the singer?? cuz i think u look a lot like her at certain angles