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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

East To West

FINALLY! I said to Ning but I realized I had just said the same thing to her not very long ago - when she got married. Hahahaha....a funny thought just popped outta my head. The term East To West is just as well a spillover of Ning's marriage to Omar aka Chris. Get it?
East to West - Ning to Chris - Malay to English

East To West is so accidental that it's actually timely, like it was planned to flow that way.

Don't you just LOVE the ambiguity? How brilliant.

Having said that, there couldn't have been a more appropriate album title. Her 'cross-over', in both sense of the word. Thus it symbolizes all things blessed in an age of pollution.
It's only a matter of time, Ning had said, and I shall be heard...

And many don't know, and wouldn't have known unless you've seen her,
her blade for this very day.

Why... do you think it's easy to Tango in Paris??

Well, Ning has always been determined. But more now than I ever knew. The visionary her is definitely designed for success and deserves it. Whether it's yoga twice a day, pilates everyday or body combat every evening, Ning is a believer.

She is as religious about them as her body massages. Now that's her secret you see... believing. She has, day by day, developed not just a solid shell but a pretty solid soul too.
Listen for yourself.

Aunty Stella wasn't around to celebrate with her daughter but we know a mother's prayers were answered. Colin & Mo, you were in our thoughts again :)

I think one of the happiest people around yesterday was Luigi, Ning's European manager. The man who believed in Ning, and making it in the West. He told his story about the idea of his dream, this album. He turned this album into something even closer to his heart by using the chords his late father wrote in the song Sharpening My Blade.

Luigi also involved a close friend, world-famous flutist Maestro Andrea Griminelli (whose performance I've personally experienced while he played at KLPAC here last year, this same flutist played at Pavarotti's funeral too). Listen to Water & Salt.

Later Luigi presented Ning a present - a memorabilia of collage; photos taken in Italy during her show, in London during her recording last year etc...

Chris was there too but I guess we didn't take a picture together because he was zombified. He just flew in from America to support his new bride. But of course....

And we, were all there, happy to see good things happen to nice girls. All the best Ning!
I'm with you.

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