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Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's Save The Tigers!

Wow, yesterday I posed to save the tigers!
I will dance to save them if I have to! My gal pal Loretta who's working in MYCAT
had asked if I'd be their t-shirt model. Always eager to help the animal kingdom,
I said YES!!! in a heart beat.

It's a very cool thing to do, saving lives. We always offer help only after a disaster strikes. We would prevent it from happening in the first place if we could, wouldn't we?
Well, now we can. We still can. Although the number of tigers is dwindling fast, there's still time to make a difference. For me, I'm saddened by the fact that this beautiful beast, one of the most powerful animals on the face of this earth will soon be wiped out. I feel sick to think that the many tigers that are already gone had suffered from the killing. Ever dawned on you how such plight could happen to our king of the jungle?

Now before I go on to ask you to buy this t-shirt, I wanna share an observation.

When it comes to wildlife campaigns, many people just take one look at the tagline - "Save The Tigers" "Help Save The Sea Turtles" "Protect The Orang Utans" - they utter 'oh' and then walk away like they understand it but in reality they don't! Some may have asked "How can I help" but rarely anyone has asked "What's going on" or "Why is help needed".

Remember we may need your cash but we need your curiosity more. It may sound all cliche with the 'save this save that' pitch or to many it may even seem all propaganda-ish but find out why your help is so needed. So, why are there so few tigers left? How come the life of this majestic, powerful, revered and feared king of the Malayan jungle is coming to an end?

Do you know that the tiger is a totally protected species that cannot be consumed? Yes, the tiger is actually poached by humans (yes, including Malaysians) for its meat! As a delicacy apparently, and poached for its other parts too used for traditional medicines or magic concoctions. Outrageous isn't it?

We may not know where or how to get these poachers murdered for the evil they're doing but there are brave and dedicated tiger conservationists out there who can take some serious action. The least you can do out here is NOT SUPPORT the trade!

See, the T-shirt says this :


Skin - Bones - Tail
Blood - Teeth - Claws
Eyes - Whiskers -Flesh


Cool eh?

So folks, join me. Wear this strong message right away to PUT A STOP to the illegal killing of tigers now.
Or the Malayan Tiger will not survive into the future.

Profits go towards supporting MYCAT, the first-of-its-kind conservation partnership focusing on saving the Malayan Tiger. Your contribution will go a long way towards supporting public awareness campaigns, and urban and rural school outreach programmes, amongst others. Some if not all of which I'll be a part of.

Sizes: XS (34”), S (38”), M (40”) and XL (44”). The XS works well for kids too - which I'm wearing :)

It costs only RM25 each (excluding postage). If you're joining me in my quest to
SAVE OUR TIGERS, call 03 – 9075 2872 ext 112 or post your intent to purchase here or email directly to :


Singing Horngbill said...
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Singing Horngbill said...

This is something when we DON'T need to DO to help, i.e. don't support the trade.

Thanks for doing this for MYCAT! You will be rewarded with priceless joy and karma. Choose a life to live and live a life fullfilled...