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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Maple & Federico's Wedding Part 3 : Our Story

My Wedding Poem

People say good things come to those we wait.
It's funny I say, how things just happen out of fate.
I often ponder in disbelief...
That he's the one I am to marry.
But why make us wait when all's meant to be?
19 years is definitely NOT funny!

You see, we met in '88,
At a shop that rented out videotapes.
Something would've happened if I were to initiate,
But "I could marry him" was indeed something that ran through my head.

Years went and I saw him always at parties.
He however, hardly remembered me!
Then 5 years ago he revisited.
Well, not exactly how I had imagined meeting the man of my life,
But this time, I initiated.

You see, I was a pseudo nurse dressed for show time.
Whereas he, was like a wounded prey that had been to hell and back!
You know how things can be metaphorical & literal at the same time,
I ended 'nursing' him back to life, over time.

From that point & place, revealed the plan I didn't create.
Be careful what you wished for, people say...
I say it's funny how all things happen for the best anyway,
Though it may happen late.

He often says, "Cookie, way back then you should've just come up & said HEY!
You know, I'm gonna be your wife one day.
Whoever your girlfriend is this day,
She can drop dead & we can run away!"
And I would say, "I wish I knew Skipper...
Because by now I would've made you the father of our teenagers!"

Perhaps it's the circle we had traveled through that matters.
We reap from the heartaches we weathered,
From all those terrible relationships with others,
Only to be more resilient for ours.

19 years later today, we're building dreams and living in them too.
If I want to, I can even have my own zoo!
We live a life so extraordinary...
One made of sunshine & colors of all of life's imagery.

People say, all things grow with time.
I guess we were set to wait so we'll grow to make this last a lifetime.
So, this is our story & we want you to know,
We've found the missing color in our rainbow.


Hurnain said...
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Hurnain said...

oi mrs. frederico,

congratulations on your wedding.


mengis said...

Absolutely fab pictures and I LOVE the poem...As the Prophet said " There are many virtues and values, but here's the greatest, one person caring for another." There is no greater value than love. Better to live in a tent on the beach with someone you love than to live in a mansion by yourself. May you truly live the kind of life that will bring the fruit and rewards that you desire.
Fondest wishes, Meng

eintanz said...

that is soo beautiful

-Di- said...

congrats maple! i love your pictures!!they're sooo laid back and pretty!! and your heartwarming ;)

Maple Loo said...

oh thanks Di!! That's very sweet of you:)

k.t.x said...


Mamapumpkin said...

I am truly so happy for you how things panned out. /Patsy