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Monday, July 28, 2014

The First & The Last, The Beginning & The End

My very first show at the old studio (Ampang) shortly after it opened. This was kinda like the 'opening party' and I was so very nervous as I've just recently been 'Bobbi-fied' hence the slow-rock song choice. I remember I choreographed this piece whilst driving back from Singapore on one of our trips... and I surprised myself actually as the combos and moves I had visualized seemed to fall right into place so it didn't take as long as it would usually take for me to put something nice together. A great start I'd say!

And this, was my last show before we moved away to Bangsar - 3 years later. It was also an emotional time and this Korean song, oh.... I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. Such a beautiful song don't you think?!

Miss this space and all the hardship that came with it! I trained and trained, failed and failed, tried again and again, it was in this space that I challenged myself, discovered myself, built myself, molded myself, and became myself. As the saying goes "you are what you are today because of what you did yesterday". Here's to growing more terrific tomorrows!

My first magazine shoot. With JUST DANCE magazine in 2010 :

And my my last magazine shoot at the old studio with NEW TIDE magazine in Aug 2013 :


Yuen May said...

Just dropping a message to let you know that I just watched your videos :)

P/S you're a super good dancer!

P/P/S I am the girl who worked in Caring :)

Maple Loo said...

Thanks Yuen May:) See you soon! I need more Voltaren :D