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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Body Talk!

Lifestyle Asia recently published an article on how to get rid of holiday weight. And YAYY!! Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia got recommended!

Speaking from experience, as a dancer and fitness enthusiast all my life, there's no other way faster and more effective for women in shedding fats and getting lean and toned like pole training.

And because pole dancing is a weight-bearing exercise, it's particularly great for our bones and joints as it increases our bone density. Strengthens our joint, ligaments and tendons too.

And when we pole dance, we're doing body-weight training - we learn to handle and manage our own weight as we hoist our body off the ground, upside down or  while spinning on the pole by using our arms, upper body strength and core power. Overtime, our arm, core and upper body strength will gradually develop as our muscles are working and stimulated on a consistent basis.

Body-weight training is a fantastic alternative for women who dislike weight-lifting at the gym. What we do in class is a complete strength and flexibility method that will give women a lean yet feminine physique because we combine dance, stretching and body-weight training to equip the body not just with muscular power but also conditioning your small muscles (that we don't see) that prevent injuries. 

Many things happen to your body all at once when you pole train. It is not an easy craft either! But because it's so much fun, you won't even realize you're working your body so hard; you won't feel bored and you certainly could never get enough of it! HAH!

I hope you've set some fitness goals for 2013. Whatever you choose to do to achieve these goals, make sure it's an activity you LOVE and enjoy doing or you won't be motivated enough to stick with it. And understand how food works. Make an effort to learn what's good and bad for your diet so you see real results in your workouts. There's always a choice - make the right one. You don't wanna sabotage your own goals:)

Anyway, click here to read the article by Lifestyle Asia! Yeah! Come 2013, we're spinning on a new axis! Skinny is out and strong is IN! Yeah STRONG is definitely sexier, isn't it.

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