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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who says BACTERIA is bad for you?

The strange thing is, I've NEVER been a fan of yogurt. It's never been my breakfast choice, not a choice in anything. It's the sour that puts me off I guess.... But when I started to make my own just 2 days ago, I just can't stop wanting it!!? It's not even sour?! Oh I love it now.

Well, first of all a session at the physio clinic with my friend Mrs. Bains is never just a fix-me-up session. We often talk about Bollywood movies (as she knows I'm a mad fan) or the nightmare living in K-Hell these days or her cozy family (and she does have a perfect little happy family which explains her placid & serene self). The other day she started telling me about her mother, the true classic of a domestic goddess from back in the day;  how she used to force upon her children home made fullcream facials and coconut-lime hair spas. The curd formed after boiling milk used as a facial mask and the coconut milk squeezed from freshly grated coconut mixed with fresh lime juice makes a fabulous hair mask? I was fascinated.

She then went on to tell me her whole family eats her home made yogurt for breakfast every morning. By then I was beyond fascinated! I was gonna get down myself! Hahahhaha
I didn't realize it's THAT easy to make!!? I've got to make me some tonight! And so I did. I had the fresh yogurt I made myself for breakfast the very next day as well as supper :D And I LOVE IT.

Here's how to get your own bacteria :
  • Buy a good brand of full-cream milk (or even better, buy fresh cow's milk from the Singh milkman who delivers on motorcycle)
  • Buy live cultures (creamy Greek yogurt has a broader range of pro-biotics which I prefer, or just buy any natural plain yogurt you can find in local supermarkets without added sugar or preservatives)
  • Boil the milk & set it aside to cool
  • When milk cools to lukewarm (you should be able to stick your finger in - you don't wanna kill your live cultures with scalding hot milk), scoop 1 tablespoon of live cultures into milk & mix well
  • Cover your milk with cloth. Let it set overnight (8-10 hours is good)
  • Go to sleep
  • Wake up! Yogurt's ready!!!!!!
  • Put your yogurt in the fridge (for about half hour just to chill it)
  • When ready to eat : add fresh berries or any fruit you fancy with a drizzle of honey or agave syrup or my personal favourite, just on its own with GULA MELAKA!!!!! Super yum!
 It's really THAT easy to live healthy. So fun too! Enjoy:) xoxo

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