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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Spectacular Spectacular Weekend In Perth

Let's see. We started off with some ROUGH SEX....
Or rather, foreplay. Yes indeed, we had rough sex as foreplay didn't we.

And then there was alot of giggling & laughing, VERY little sleep, a far bit of coffee...

....more goofing around in after-show deliriousness....
...some delicious midnight salads (yes, Felix makes salads and LOVES all the vegetables I hate; Kim's just a life-sized barbie domestic goddess so I'd just be happy to eat anything she makes and eats)

in Kim's kitchen at 4am
with Butch...
Oh and there was this one such wicked Mars bar-milk concoction that was introduced by Jedda (may as well be described as "Russian Roulette").... heh.... you know how it is - what's bad for you always tastes good. And there's the super powerhouse show that we all flew in for (5 poles, 20 acts, 60 performers - including Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 ALLEGRA, 2-time World Pole Champion Felix Cane plus a rare performance by Bobbi herself and her costume was absolutely out-of-this-world amazing).
and this is the lovely Brooke, youngest sister of Bobbi & Kim who helps run Bobbi's Perth and had organized this spectacular Christmas Show! Some sisters are just lucky to have a sister like that:)
And seeing Jedda nail her most spectacular JEDDA move, her Russian Roulette routine was just spectacular.... so sexy, beautiful and just magic....watching her dance and remembering her practising back in KL just made me cry! Oh those shoes.... they're definitely worth all the trouble hey!

And so the Spectacular Spectacular Christmas Show was nothing less spectacular. I finally got to see all of Bobbi's Perth's gorgeous instructors perform and I can never get tired of watching Kim. Lush has the longest most stunning legs any woman would dream to have and she's such a beautiful dancer. Emma's solo routine was really pretty, just like her. They're such a great bunch of beautiful people.

Then after the spectacular show, there was the after-party at VooDoo. But SPECTACULAR continued - TA DA! Felix went full NUDE - yes...from seeing her pole with no shoes for the first time to seeing her butt naked ALL in one night, was this playground extreme? From remote goddess to honest-to-goodness blood,sweat and lipgloss sweetchild stripper Felix, I LOVE IT)

And then there were some zen moments with Kim on koi pond, stoned walls, paradise-home and such...with one most adorable pitbull-scoobydoo named Butch and a blind cat named "Blindy" in between all of that.

In between all of that - the sum of all my influences in a given moment. Everything was the highlight and I was definitely star-struck and so excited to finally be in the action! I've never really been surrounded by so many powerful women all at once but most defining was still to see everyone in their real self, their faces devoid of make-up, rehearsal clothes yet readily consumed by the process of performance.

Another one of Bobbi's ingenious craft. The talent of great stars who sustained was that they keep regenerating themselves, keeping others interested and that's why they're colossal.
I love that.... I've always loved the process of a performance.... and definitely would love some ROUGH SEX too!

backstage warming up, getting decked out, photo time...

...getting the bling on (that's Felix just before her stunning lyrical performance to Hide & Seek) ...and getting BOBBI-fied (this is Emma, instructor from Bobbi's Perth)

I'm flanked by Chilli (my right), Sassy my left) + Jedda from Bobbi's Sydney

how to be a world champ

Felix & Jedda - in the calm after the stormAnd then it all summed up beautifully with a finale of home-grilled sausages, fresh Perth strawberries, Moscato (heh, there's always an Italian somewhere) and a birthday cake.... out in the garden with the family....hahhhhhhh....under the sun. Brunch in the sun... it's right therefore it rhymes....
....and that was the ONLY day I didn't need Felix's Uggs or Kim's winter-rejects :D

it was belated Bobbi's but premature Felix's
THANK YOU SO MUCH Kim, Brooke, Bobbi, Jedda and Felix for a truly heartfelt spectacular weekend. And of course all the men of our superwomen - Lino, Cristian & Josh - you're not forgotten in fact you're loved:)
Special thanks to Frank and Muriel:)
It was special.

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