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Saturday, June 5, 2010

G.N.O Party at Bobbi's Pole Studio Malaysia!

This is part of the making of our history so I've got to document it. The inaugural G.NO. (Girls' Night Out) party was alot of fun, especially so when Vanessa from Bobbi's Australia was in town too, having flown all the way from Sydney to help me out with everything and anything at the studio! It was a great night of bonding with all my old AND new students, friends who brought friends and some, even their husbands;)

I decided to throw the party on this night purely because Vanessa's in town. And it was her first trip to KL too so what a reason to celebrate! I'm thankful to have comrades to help put it all together; Jane, my student took the initiative to bring in all the new guests and also organized a cake for Vanessa, made in the shape of a corset just like the e-invitation (also my Bobbi's bizcard); Tiffany, my Marketing Manager made all arangements with the chef & bar manager on food and beverages with Vino to help her co-ordinate; and Sue who also helped here and there - these are really my biggest 'cheerleaders' :D

Now a demo is kinda like a ritual in our studio parties. So I did a little show to demonstrate what a more advanced Bobbi's-style routine would look like. Since many who came that night have never really watched a live pole performance, I thought the show was not only a fun idea but was intended to be an eye-opener that'll move hearts and change mindsets.

I'm always hesitant about posting dance videos of myself and had now taken alot of time to pick up some courage to do so here. This performance is not perfect in my eyes and some could probably tell I'm under-rehearsed.... but Bobbi reckoned it was beautiful. Plus this first G.N.O. party was indeed memorable. So here it is, but the next one WILL be better, I promise!

And thanks heaps to Ania Przeplasko of IPDFA (International Pole Dance Fitness Association) for grazing our little private do and for filming this;)

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YitMay said...

Best pole dance video I have seen. Bravo!!