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Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm writing this in Florence, Italy. This place is what I call the 'erogenous zone'. Today I saw something magnificent in the famous Uffizi Gallery. No, it wasn't the bare-naked anatomy of David. What I saw was my own manifestation.... it was like an epiphany as I stared at Botticelli's Birth Of Venus. It hit a nerve, right away.

It meant something. I saw The Hanging Garden in the painting and I saw me, Venus! I felt the same racy heartbeats as when I listened to the Burmese monk's revelation of my star readings 2 years ago.

Suddenly I can't wait to pole again... it has been almost a month now. Can't believe it has been that long already since Bobbi and Kim came. They were so awesome in class, gosh I had a great time learning. And bonding! We all did. I thought of them, wondering if Koh Samui was fun... wish they had been in KL too. And I'm constantly thinking about my sisters.... miss them like hell too. Wondering if Jas is finally feeling better and regaining strength, if Li Leng is training with The LadyBirds and if Linna is excited about her Hen's Party, wedding etc etc etc.... I hate leaving Singapore, every time.

Reminiscing that 1st week of November I was, we all were indeed, head over heels in delirium with Bobbi and Kim. To most pole dancers, Bobbi and Kim are the world’s most iconic pole celebrities. Totally privileged and downright flattered that Bobbi accepted our invitation to teach at Jitterbugs Swingapore this APS, the coveted collaboration of Bobbi herself and sister, Kim has made many pole dancers’ dream of being taught by them or even the mere chance of meeting them in person, come true. No doubt the event was a total sell-out this year.

Both our students as well as those from other pole schools in Malaysia (my home ground) and Singapore whom we welcomed just the same, stepped into Jitterbugs that weekend to enter the house of Bobbi’s Pole Studio. What a diamond-studded opportunity in a cinch. This was the first time Bobbi has ever collaborated with another pole school, it’s also their first venture in Asia. What a privilege.Thanks to Bobbi + Kim:)

Both the exotic and spinning pole sessions kept adrenaline levels levitating throughout the whole 4 days of explosive training. Bobbi & Kim’s fabulous style, their body movements, their elevated sense of sultry-‘haute’ expression, was all a lesson in sharp femme - fashioned with unapologetic sexiness. Above all else, it was just tons of girlie 9-inch fun. Judging from everyone’s over-zealousness, the sisters concluded we were maniacs.

Bobbi and Kim are larger than life though not much more on TV than in person. They are sports-illustrated material (need i say more?)....yes, Victoria’s Secret-model stunners. So when they move, you’ll find yourself involuntarily gawking. They look terrific…gorgeous, real people with a great sense of humour and a big heart. I don’t think many know them like that. Well, I’m glad I do.

They rock not just my pole world but Bobbi has, turned my life upside down (heh, quite literally). And I’m not even complaining.

My time with Bobbi in Sydney 10 months ago was anything but run-of-the-mill (Read my SENSATIONAL SDYNEY blog). In fact she has left me besotted and I’ve changed my life quite dramatically since. And I’ve never felt better! This time I had looked forward to more Bobbi-time in Singapore, reverently craving to relive the experience. Following Bobbi’s advice so assiduously, developing from the set of skills I brought home, my pole power has propelled to a whole new level. It's first-hand. Proud she is, to see me, see us The Butterflies, having been ‘BOBBI-FIED’ – was how she had very cheekily put it - I was quite surprised I wasn't too disappointed with myself this time. I'm just happy I could beat the demons AGAIN.

Well, I would describe our relationship as merely at a ‘peek-a-boo’ stage. There’s much more coming for us... I feel it in my gut. As the saying goes, it is ''a shadow of things coming''.... the process of a more solid personification. The process of BOBBI-FICATION :D (Heh new buzzword for you Bobbi!). This is what our knickers will say from now on : BUTTERFLIES BOBBI-FIED

It’s not about one single element, it’s about the right mix of attitude…the right chemistry.

We didn’t meet Kim when we were in Sydney last because she lives in Perth. But we hit it off like sugar and cream this first meeting. Let's just say she's like chili-flavored chocolates. (ooh…have you ever tried those?). For those who don't know Kim personally, she's sweet, with hints of spiciness (yeah, the sizzling part) but yet beautifully balanced. Those who have taken Kim’s Exotic PussyCat Dolls Routine and SLAP (Strip/Lap Dance) classes would agree.

Hot, Hot, Haute!

Now Bobbi's new instructional DVD is a MUST-HAVE. So go online and buy The Pole Ultimatum. A high-quality video production, highly stylized with great moves to die for. The ‘doubles’ which is the icing, is really the most brilliant deviation from the basic stuff.

And Bobbi & Kim are the perfect marriage. You see, this is exactly why I'm so awe-inspired by Bobbi. From a show standpoint, in my personal opinion techniques aside, small details like the graphical appeal, visual impression, synchronicity and even the geometry, make a very striking difference to the scale of quality in a performance. In short, the right formula. She knows the art and science of a great show. The right composition, the right package - the ingredients of a show-stopper. Hence Bobbi & Kim - perfect symmetry, the right balance of dynamics, the costumes - the perfect package put together, try and beat that.

No one looks as good as them, no one does it like them, and who else has legs like theirs?! :D No one thinks like Bobbi, and honestly, none comes close to being quite as talented as Bobbi.

I love a good theory so here goes : One has got to have ‘an eye’ for beautiful things. And, that special sense for style; these, I’m sorry to be frank, is an innate quality, a gift from God that can’t be learnt. Good imagination…and musicality. These stand for T.A.L.E.N.T.

Sometimes though, not knowing how to put talent to good use is as good as saying "there's light but don't know where the switch is". But when one’s equipped with these distinct qualities and KNOW HOW to use their good instincts innately to fashion their craft, then greatness is born. That's Bobbi! A fabulous si-fu in her forte.... capable of creating something she knows implicitly that will work. Implicit is a good word... IMPLICITLY BOBBI is what her next knickers should say.

I’d like to think Bobbi and I speak the same ‘showgirl language’. This is something I'm shamelessly proud of and will be thick enough to forever brag about. I’ve come to learn, see and understand, over the years of experience, what separates a great from a good, or the great from the greatest. Bobbi to me, is like the Karl Lagerfeld of the pole world! For all that she is, I truly kow-tow to her. For her originality, creativity, great imagination, her gifted musical talent, brilliant ideas, her ‘third eye’ and her being such a Trooper - I love you most of all for your humility and your big heart. As much as you love us, know that we love you back much more, and respect you IMPLICITLY.

What an absolute blast we had with you 2 weeks ago - our champagne-high-tea tete-a-tetes, shopping, eating Japanese, tanning and working on the doubles-triples-quadruples, it was priceless! Albeit too short a time... Again, I didn’t quite get enough of you both so hope the temptation to shop will lure you back sooner than we think.

And Lino (Bobbi’s goofy hubby-manager who's also Italian), he's such a gem of a pole-queen's husband. Most men who have wives and girlfriends who pole and can't handle it will say Lino is spoiling the market. Well, we say we don't wonder why Bobbi is head over heels herself:)

So what does Botticelli and Bobbi have in common?



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