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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Asian Pole Summit 2008

Seriously, this post is long overdue. Apart from so much that has been happening around here, I havent the chance to get these pictures until NOW. Horrendous.... just horrendous.
Anyway, it's never really too late. It's actually quite a nice thing to do right now, looking back at all the fun we had at the Asian Pole Summit, which is already more than a month ago (gosh, how time flies!). Those were truly awesome times; months and months of hard work, sleepless nights worrying sick of our Bleeding Love routine, organizing the pole competition in Singapore and then bringing the APS to KL plus organizing the Pole-Licious Party at Mandi-Mandi. Auh... we must all be masochists.

But you see, hard work always pays off:) What came out of all this were such meaningful times, new friendships were formed and existing ones deepened. I love and will cherish every single moment we, our team, and KT had spent together.

Nikita of THE LADYBIRDS (KT's laughing medicine) and Xena of THE BUTTERFLIES (KT's doppelganger)

Thanks to one of our sponsors, FIJI WATER :D

Pole competitors & KT - outside The Arena, Singapore

The graduates of KT's workshops - Jitterbugs Swingapore

THE BUTTERFLIES with Jessie + Joey

during rehearsals....

Finally performing on the X-Stages! The poles are 50mm, not the ideal size of our preference but do or die ok. Glad we nailed it anyhow. But these stages are brilliant. Extremely sturdy, felt as though I was dancing on an X-Pole stuck to the floor and ceiling. Extremely well-built.

THE BUTTERFLIES dancing to Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love

I tell you, our performance may have rocked but it wasn't The Butterflies nor the exquisite FIREFLIES that got the town talking...
The Ladybirds which consists of 3 dynamic women all aged 50 and above, and the impressive performance by The Caterpillars made up of 3 sisters Lizzie, Bella & Isabelle aged between 5 and 12, left audience jaw-dropped struck by awe.

The Ladybirds are just phenomenal. These 3 women, Nikita, Annie & Meyin are all 50 and above. Their appearance and performance has garnered so much interest that the media can't get enough of! These ladies have appeared in both TV and radio interviews as well as made national news. So, still think you're too old to pole?

THE LADYBIRDS dancing to PCD's Sway

Then of course there's the SuperWoman, mom-to-be KT Coates sent shock waves across The Arena when she showcased her usually electrifyingly athletic performance and her insane physique being 4 months pregnant!

Ladies, please don't do this at home...not especially when you're pregnant at any stage ok?

Baby? Where???!!

Then the APS moved on to KL. 2 days of great learning for KL folks here including a fantastic show at The Pole-Licious Party in Mandi-Mandi restaurant with great food and an awesome showcase by THE FIREFLIES, THE LADYBIRDS, Aisa-Pacific Pole Champ Amerthyst and of course, KT.

From KL, we flew to Tioman for a much-deserved breakaway at my second home, JapaMala. Malcom 'KokTeez' Maclean finally flew in to join us. Oh gosh, the events that took place at the advent of his arrival were hilarious! That's a chapter on its own...later.

The happiest couple is bound to bear the happiest child, that i can tell you.

Yup... baby Maclean is definitely nestling in there. KT sent me this ultrasound image of her baby girl just last week. Princess Alexandra it says.... cute. Alexandra Maclean,....resonates like a true Hollywood royalty doesn't it? Look, we have a baby already living a vertical life!

Most recent picture of KT at 5 months. But baby? WHERE??! You still don't look pregnant babe. You're one hell of a yummy mummy.

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