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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treats at 35

First comes the surprise party. The fruit of conspiracy by two very cheeky people in my life Ning and Skipper. The party was not for me alone but Chris as well, whose birthday was on Merdeka day. Turned out, Chris had no idea either, so he was just as shocked heheheh. Double happiness it is!

No suspicion whatsoever, these two buggers sealed the plan pretty well la. It was a Sunday and we did nothing unusual - he goes cycling then we go lunch somewhere. Besides, Ning had already 'booked' me for birthday lunch a week back so i thought that was it, my quiet birthday meal with my nearest and dearest after she gave me 2 Madonna biogrpahies as birthday present.
Heh! I was in fact really really really looking forward to going home alone and taking that nap after lunch since I was feeling rather sicklish.

Then, there came a very loud 'SURPRISE!!!!!' as I see my dad hopping out of some bush in my garden....which almost set me to self-defense mode.

We were directed straight to our birthday cake which Ning had ordered.
Sorry Chris, it looks like your birthday cake will have to be a pole dance cake too hahahaahha!!! Like it or not, your wife has now insinuated to the world that you're attempting to pole dance.

YES!!!! Things a man has gotta do to please his wife huh.... Kinda makes me wonder if it's Skipper's idea on the symbolism here. I can hear him say, "Organizing this entire birthday suprise plus all the other treats that come with it is as hard as pole dancing, Cookie!"

All our friends were of course invited secretly.... oh how sweet.....:) Including the chefs and the planning of all the food plus a full bar too! Somekhuan, our Grand Chef cooked all my favorite food....from deep-fried chicken cartilage to cincau. It was a real treat:) Btw, know what my birthday wish is?

Then came the car.... hehehe.... the car I've been eyeing for years, The 206 Peugeot, which I never got around to buy simply because I love my 12-year-old Honda City too much to give it up for anything else. Well, looks like my birthday wish just came true : HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! I don't have to sell my Honda if I don't want to;)


Then comes the surprise birthday trip;) My skipper.... tid-for-tad la! Because for his 40th birthday in July, I had taken him on a surprise place-hopping trip ala Amazing Race style - no clue where he was going until I hand him the envelope at the airports. So now, he has flown us to Phuket. Though it didn't take me very long to figure out that I was gonna welcome another bigger surprise flying in from Singapore!

Hehehe.... none other than my best friends Jacqueline & Nic plus our godbabies, Shayla and Sara together with their grandma and maid!

It rained and rained perpetually in Phuket. Feeling a little under the weather still myself, I decided to go get pampered instead. Errr..... if to be pampered could mean a little suffering sometimes.... Hahaha! Been there done that with the braids now. I can't say I'd do it again though.

I must say this is the best birthday I've ever had because I got to be with all my closest and dearest friends, even the farther ones. Jasmine and Linna, although you were far, you know you're as close to me as my heartbeat;) It has been a fantastic year with friends...REAL friends.

I really really did have my cake and ate it too, didn't I?

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Manuella said...

I can soo relate to ur passion for the Peugeot 206, this tiny one is my dream too and not just cos of my french background :) happy belated one, bisous, M