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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Versace & John Legend

Such a beautiful Sunday morning today. The sun broke into daylight like an egg being cracked against my window frame. I was woken. Feeling well and truly rested, I guess I shall pen a few lines before heading off for my Antioxident Therapy.

Friday night Ning and I went to the Versace launch at Pavilion. Very very nice dresses and shoes this Spring. We had alot of fun, Vernon, Jovian and Ismael were there too. Check out the 'drama queens' on Vernon's blog.

Generally, we've had a pretty happening social week Ning & I. Last night, we went to catch John Legend at Sunburst. Ning got a couple of free tickets from Casey of Suria FM. Casey, YOU THE MAN. Thanks and thanks again for your flip flops! How funny...hahahahha.... duh of course my slippers had to snap now kan...?

We also bumped into crazy-sexy-cool babe Miss Nasha Aziz. And that's Casey in blue-striped tee...
The whole affair was set up like a fun fair on the equestrian club's massive grounds. Food and beverages of sorts for sale, including blended drinks from Coffee Bean and Tuborg beer too! I think it's great that there were lots of choices for everyone and for the first time I've experienced there being something for everybody.

And I mean even the line of acts. So many local acts took part in this event including Amy and the entire Search. From morning to night, people hung around and spent the whole day there, entertained by multiple concerts by different bands on different stages.

We, however only arrived in time for John, after stuffing ourselves silly at this neighbourhood Japanese restaurant we love going to (GOD did we pig-out... AGAIN). John Legend's performance was needless to say, the bomb. By the 3rd quarter he was sweating bullets. I must say we were lucky it didn't rain on us during his performance. Would've been pretty muddy, cold and uncomfortable.

Next big thing would be Ning's new international English album launch on March 18th, next Tuesday! It's available now at stores actually.
Called East to West, hear what Ning has to say in this Age of Pollution.
Go buy it please, support your local acts;)

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