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Thursday, February 7, 2008

From Babe to Ratatouille

To all my dear Chinese friends & readers, GONG HEI GONG HEI! I received so many sms wishes in the past 3 days from friends all over the world, thank you all. It feels good to be remembered :)

Last year had been a kind and wholesome one, the year of the pig.
I found a husband, a new home, a newfound passion in pole-dancing, became a reality tv show judge, built and opened a new restaurant, adopted 1 more fresh-water turtle (Baby), welcomed 2 wild pythons & 1 stray puppy (Hmong-Hmong), nursed 2 others back to life (Skinny & Itsy) and gave 8 more a home.

This is Itsy. I didn't get the chance to take her picture when I first saw her. My god, she had mange therefore hairless, was dying and was feeding off the carcass of her sibling lying by the roadside. She looked like a cross between a gremlin & a chi hua hua. SPCA told us she should be put to sleep without even trying. Yes, SPCA y'all. But thank god we didn't just give up on her or let SPCA take her. Today, she's this happy little butch puppy!

It has also been a year of great achievements - our business hit record sales of all time, our properties earned global attention and won industry awards. And we, had met many interesting people and cultivated some meaningful friendships.

Not forgetting all the fantastic places we've been throughout the year, the fun and the fare...Mmmmm we had truly and madly pig-ed out, big big time! We hope this year is filled with delightful surprises for everybody. Have a great one people!

in memory of my father-in-law who passed on Dec6, 2007

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