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Sunday, December 16, 2007

TIGER DAY - Race Against Time

Tiger Ambassadors : Ning, Vince (where's he? busy signing autographs i think...), Chelsia, Xandria Ooi, Yasin, Rina, Susan Lancaster, Corianne Adriene & myself

Today we all had a blast at Zoo Negara. MYCAT, the NGO that put this spectacular event together had made this an official tiger day to celebrate the life of tigers in the world, bringing to people the scary facts of their extinction and offering solutions on how to protect and conserve the remaining tigers in the wild. We also launched this TIGER HOTLINE :

019-356 4194

Call this number whenever you come across restaurants that serve tiger meat, tradition medicines that may contain tiger parts and places that sell tiger skin, bones, tail, whiskers, penis etc... Now you're no longer ignorant so let's ACT NOW and stop the cruelty.

The Launch Gambit
I personalized the song for my dance gambit by recording my own message on it and conceptualized every move to bring meaning to this Race Against Time campaign.

Me and my dancers (Joanne Stevenson, Emma, Ala, Marina & Adik) + the silat boys (Sam, Ray, Peter, Tai & Yong)

The tiger,
In a kingdom wild and free...
The jungle's godly beast of life and energy.
The whole world followed you with wonder...
You, the King.... reign supreme.
But in our unkind world, your life is a jungle of combat...
For you're the symbol of beauty, power and glory.
It is a tragedy
That your fight is to survive from your own being, a novelty.

My solo routine with the silat boys

What moral poverty
The human mind that lives to sell your bones,
your skin, your flesh, your blood, every part of your body...
The unspeakable truth of human ignorance, greed and cruelty.

What spiritual crisis of mankind
the killing and all the suffering, the ugliness, sadness and pain
Those who've commited these crimes are murderers,
men who are enemies of nature.
It's their fight against mine
Now it's a race against time.

While they slaughter you for your body parts,
The souls of your keepers cry...
For the beating of your heart.

What profanity
That we made you our prey...
For it is not in the laws of the universe
That you die, this way.

After the dance gambit, Ning took the stage with energy and belted out Love is a Crazy Thing (yes, it is quite something to do that at 10 in the morning) and Vince did his special number, a song he wrote himself titled One Tree.

(more pictures coming soon...)

Activities at the Tiger Stations
Our fight for the cause : of course, we performed again at the 2 stations.
now doesn't it look like fun

A Very Special Behind-the-Scenes Zoo Tour
Yesterday I promised Ning I have a surprise waiting for her at the zoo...

guess African lion cub, only 1 week old!!

All of us (including Vince, Chelsia, Omar & Aunty Stella) just went totally stupid at the zoo hospital with squeals of 'Oohhhhh OOooohh ooh ahh!!' going goo-goo-gah-gah over this cute little rare thing (more pictures coming soon....)

So the day ended with much exhaustion but exhilaration nonetheless.
We've seen alot, learnt so much and experienced many extraordinary moments in one day.

And I know Ning & Omar couldn't agree more that every visit to the zoo is a new experience... a new excitement. Well, you can be a part of this cause too if you're interested. Just contact me if you want to volunteer for the animals. We need you! It's a RACE AGAINST TIME.

The tiger,
In a kingdom wild and free...
The jungle's godly beast of life and energy.
The whole world follow you with wonder...
You, the King....reign supreme.
May you forever be.

Pachin, our hand-raised now full-grown Malayan tiger at Zoo Negara
(so friendly we were able to touch him! YES WE DID!)

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