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Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Cold-Blooded Friend That Warms My Heart

Not long after we moved in to our new place, I was woken up one early morning by the house workers that a little snake had encroached into the garden! Still half asleep, i ran downstairs to check it out.
Turned out, it was a baby Paradise Tree Snake! Many reptile enthusiasts I know claim it's one snake that's hard to find but I seem to be seeing this species around more than any other!

The Paradise Tree Snake is a beautiful species and not venemous. It's easy to identify this one - imagine a green snake that looks like it's wearing black fishnet panty hose, with splotches of orange on its head. Beautiful! And the amazing thing about this docile snake is that it can 'fly'. Also known as the flying snake, it's built with an ability to create a concave (or to curve in its underside) that allows it to glide from treetop to treetop.

Beautiful creature.

This snake has, of course been released back into the wild -where it belongs - immediately after I handled it :)

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