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Friday, July 13, 2007

Now Everyone Can Look Like A Superstar!

Next time you fly AirAsia, keep a look-out for this stewardess.

Strangely familiar?

You think you're seeing double... I thought I was hallucinating.

This happened some months ago when I was flying to Bangkok (or was it Chiang Mai... tak ingat la). What's so bizarre was, just a couple of days back then, I had just spoken to Ning on the phone after seeing Ning on TV with a new haircut. We chit-chatted a little but I remembered her making a joke on the red and white outfit she wore on the show :

Me : Hello my dear, just saw you on AC Di Sini. Was it live ke? (Kan I bodoh, never watch TV...)
Ning : Oh hi darling, no la.... it was live last night. You must've been watching the replay.
Me : Oh I u doing? Thought I'd give you a call, miss you la.... lama tak jumpa... eh you cut your hair?!
Ning : Yeah! I look ok or not..? But my baju la....I look like an Air Asia stewardess la...CHOY!
Me : Ya ke...? oh ya la... uh-a... now that you mention....
Me & Ning : hahahahaha!!!! CHOY....

So you see, as I stood at the entrance of the aircraft like a numb-skull staring at this girl in disbelief while she did her usual "Hi Sir/Madam, welcome onboard" thing, my conversation with Ning was playing in my head. Mulut masin tau Ning ni! So very the dejavu!

As we passed her, I whispered quite excitiedly to my skipper, 'Look,look,look skipper! This woman really looks like Ning!... Don't you think? Oh my god, like moon cake la!'. Skipper just laughed.

What I did throughout the whole journey was - STARE. I couldn't believe how funny this is! And I couldnt help laughing all the time, I said to myself I gotta take a picture of this woman.... Ning has got to see this!!

So as we were alighting the plane, I asked the girl:

Me : Anyone ever told you you look like Ning Baizura?
Look-Alike : 'YES' (malu-malu giggling)
Another air stewardess : Yeah she's the Ning of Air Asia! Kita pun selalu tease her la..
Me : You look like her sebiji la, especially now that she has short hair too. Eh, same hairstyle also la...! Can I PLEASE take a picture of you to show her?
Look-Alike : Yeah sure. (I asked what her name was but forgot now.)
Me : Thanks! I'll tell her you said 'Hi' :)

The Ning of Air Asia it seems. to Ning's ears or not? Hehe...

Now while we're on the subject, here's a personal bonus.
Tons of people both the public as well as local celebs in our music scene included, seriously mistake me for this other local superstar all the time. What do you think?

Seeing double yet?


naft said...

seriously and shafinaz does look alike! have you ever been photographed together?

Maple Loo said...

belum la... some magazines wanna feature us both together on the cover but that has yet to happen!
I tell you, just today after having lunch with Ning and Omar at Chinoz KLCC, i overheard people behind me whispering " Syafinaz! Syafinaz! Kat depan tu!!!"
Syafinaz would be in trouble if I was a menace kan?! HAHAHAHA!!!!

i'm no Johnny said...

1st time saw you in Gangstarz...i thought you were Shafinaz..but then..i noticed that her name is Maple Loo....u guys look same!anyway..u u look great!exotic!