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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My New Address!

Alamak I hate moving. Takes up too much of my time to clean, pack, unpack and clean some more. Well, the consolation for doing this is, I managed to clean out alot of stuffs that I no longer need, like, use or can look at anymore. Lots of these things, mainly clothes, were donated to SPCA's weekend jumble sale. Fantastic or what, at least my old things are still fit for a cause!

So my friends, I thought since my party is just around the corner, I'd let y'all in a little on how the house looks.... Many have asked if they could just stop by to take a sneak peek and I've said NO. But here you go, only for all my friends who read my blog :)

My new house is quite a spectaclar piece of work I must say. My skipper did the entire design while I did my share of work on helping him make decisions - he always asks for assurance.

the kitchen

Colors and interior decor are more my thing, so I was put responsible for those things. So once again, our new home is another translation of our travel experiences, ideas, passions and beliefs all dumped into one habitat.

I always believe it's the little things that make the big difference. Every little nook and cranny we might need to store certain things had been made part of the house design so we're able to camouflage our chaos. Well, since the outdoor areas like the front garden, swimming pool and pool gazebo have work still in process, the house still looks like a construction site from the outside.
the pool & garden

the living room

the dining room

But nevertheless we moved in to our sleep-able-although-unfinished pad on June15. At least 3 most important areas are ready. Well, ready enough. Some imperfections still make me scream. Like I haven't been able to go online for almost 2 months! Geez man...I was becoming increasingly impatient and upset.
the study at the attic

Now that I finally got my internet working, wardrobe in place, art & craft framed and hung and kitchen in order, I'm anxiously getting sofas, cushions and curtains tailored, garden planted and swimming pool functioning for my birthday-cum-house-warming party!

the wardrobe room

my vanity corner

So people say your address says alot about you. Hehe... this one does indeed and so would my buffet nanti :)

My invitation list coming up soon! Y'all please look out for your names here plus all necessary details. Ciao!

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