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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tamarind, Tioman, Turtles & TV3

2 Restaurants, a Resort and some of my favorite Reptiles plus being the judge on Gang Starz are just about all I have time for these days. It recently dawned on me that for the last 10 years , I've literally danced from one stage to another without a break! Think about the amount of steps I've learnt, energy burnt and pounds of foundation used! Incredible.

In fact, I've got alot to be thankful for. Everything I got out of what became my professional dance career for a decade - which started from a stroke of passion - has made me who I am today - a person who knows what she wants and honest enough to go for it, indulge it.

Ever wondered what dance, sex and oxygen have in common? Ha...Think about it...It's not important until you stop getting it...right? hahaha!!

God I miss it awfully now that it has taken the back seat. Err....Dancing i mean....

Well, at least I made a big come-back into the scene with Gang Starz. Very happy about that, thanks to TV3!

Some people like doing many things at the same time. I'm definitely one of those.... and i can get get quite obsessive too - achieve, achieve, achieve. Don't we all try to live our life to the fullest? When people say life is a dance, it's true! First you choreograph your life plans. Then when it's showtime you dance your story. Follow the rhythm of your instincts and mould your body to the shapes the song your life sings, as smooth and fluidly as possible, through happiness or sadness. Basically, the way to dance it is, LIVE it. Because only then will you be content with whatever the outcome is. The best part is, you get to choose your own songs! Your songs are like your passions, your pursuits.

Going back to school to get my MBA was my latest pursuit. I'm glad things worked out the way it did. I knew somehow if I had gone back to school earlier I wouldn't have savoured every moment of it like I did now. 2 years to complete my Masters degree in Business and I enjoyed even every agonizing minute of bibliography-ing. Now that's sick but I really LIVED it.

Now I'm fit to claim fame being Director Of Marketing Communications, having placed Tamarind one of the most unique restaurant brands in Malaysia and JapaMala, the only boutique resort in Tioman Island, on my belt. I love my job!

Life for me is very different today. I miss the sensation just being on stage, I love the feeling of adrenalin charge in my muscles and those endorphins did give me a different happiness....

But you know what, I think I'm ready to put my energy in other passions & pursuits. It's nice that I can just jump back in on stage whenever I want. It's comforting the opportunity is always there somewhere, as long as I have the TIME. But DANCE won't ever leave my skin - it's in my DNA for god's sake. It's my biggest and oldest love in life! What's most gratifying is I'm actually able to fit everything I love into business in one way or another.

You see, how many have the privilege to 'DINE & DANCE TO SAVE THE TURTLES'?

Wildlife conservation work & anti-animal suffering is where my heart is, for so many years. If my energy was focused on stage in the last decade, the animals will have me now for many more decades to come.

So, Tamarind, Tioman, Turtles & TV3 are my love, my life and my dance.

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